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Protection for the unexpected.

Vancity Life Insurance Services Ltd. is a full-service agency that puts you first. Our Wealth Protection Specialists work with you, one on one, to craft a customized insurance plan. You’ll get coverages that protect you now and help you build a prosperous future.

Kitty and John moved to BC three years ago from Calgary.

The couple took on a bit of a larger mortgage than they wanted to, when purchasing a townhouse in Langley for their growing family of four. Although they had basic Life Insurance coverage, they hadn’t considered how a sudden medical disability could affect their lifestyle and ability to save for their daughters’ education.

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Navneet worked long hours to develop her artisanal soup business.

To retain and reward her high-performing team, she decided to offer a comprehensive health and dental plan that she, and her employees, could afford.

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Have 10 or fewer employees? The Vancity Member Benefit Plan is designed for small business owners and the self-employed.

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Julie worked for 30 years as a doctor to provide a great life for herself and her partner, Sarah.

Although they felt prepared for retirement, their carefully crafted plan did not include protection for specialized home care and private health care providers.

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